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Small Rucksack 25-35 litres
Medium Rucksack 35-50 litres
Large Rucksack 50-60 litres
XL Rucksack 60-70 litres
XXL Rucksack 70-90 litres
moving boxes
Archive Box approx 40x25x34
Medium Rucksack 35-50 litres
Large Rucksack 50-60 litres
Medium Box approx 45x30x30cm
Large Rucksack 50-60 litres
XL Box approx 46x46x77cm
Book Box approx 46x46x25cm
Wardrobe Box
IKEA Dimpa Storage Bag 90 litre
IKEA Frakta Carrier Bag 71 Litres
Large Clothes Storage Bag 90 Litres
Small Holdall Bag 50 litres
Medium Holdall Bag 70 litres
Large Holdall Bag 90 Litres
Carrier Bag up to 35 litres
Packed Bin Bag up to 60 litres
Small Suitcase 53x36x24cm
Medium Suitcase approx 63x41x27cm
Large Suitcase approx 70x47x30cm
XL Suitcase approx 80x54x33cm

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1 Mover £10
2 Movers £30
3 Movers £50
No Mover £0

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8am - 8pm£0.00
8am - 10am£7.00
10am - 12pm£5.00
12pm - 2pm£3.00
2pm - 4pm£5.00
4pm - 6pm£7.00

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